Valrhona is a French chocolatier that has been providing exceptional Chocolate since 1922. Created by and for pastry makers, Valrhona has dedicated all its expertise, high standards and passion to culinary professionals, making each taste an exceptional experience. Chosen by the world's most prestigious Chefs and craftsmen for its vast range of aromas continually enhanced by innovation, Valrhona's ambition is to broaden people's culinary horizons by offering a variety of unique and recognizable chocolate flavors, in an effort to continuously create more pleasure and excitement.

Valrhona was the first chocolate manufacturer focusing on the source of cocoa beans. For innovation and sustainable development, in 1992 the company acquired a cocoa plantation in Venezuela, named El Pedregal. Like in all other tropical regions, Valrhona has established a close relationship with cocoa bean growers, following the principles of high-quality cocoa bean cultivation with good production conditions and environmental protection awareness.

L'École Valrhona has been a trend setter since 1989, recording and preserving the knowledge and techniques of the chocolate-making profession. The school's pastry chefs travel the world, sharing ideas and expertise with other professionals in a permanent quest for mutual enrichment.

With the opening in 2013 of the new Cite du Chocolat in Tain L'Hermitage, Valrhona continues to uphold this commitment, sharing the rich and mysterious chocolate world with the public.

Today, Valrhona is presented in 85 countries all over the world. And now she comes to China, leading the development of chocolate pastry industries, and favored by lots of Chinese pastry masters.