lngredients: Taïnori 64%

Procedures: 3

Original recipe by  l’Ecole Valrhona. Recipe made for 1 frame of 34 x 34 cm by 10 mm high (ref 3457)

White tea infusion

  • 30g White tea
  • 415g Whipping cream 35%
  1. Allow the tea to infuse in the cream overnight.
  2. Heat tro about 50°C, strain through and top up with cream if necessary.

Taïnori Passion-Tea Ganache

  • 300g White tea infusion
  • 150g Inverted sugar
  • 250g Passion pulp
  • 740g Taïnori 64%
  • 140g Butter 84%
  1. Stir the inverted sugar in the infused cream and bring to the boil. Gradually pour the hot cream on the melted chocolate stirring in the centre to create a smooth, elastic and shiny core of emulsion. Keep the same texture to the end while adding the remaining cream.
  2. Finish with the passion fruit pulp boiled beforehand. When the temperature of the ganache reaches 35/40°C, mix in the butter diced in cubes using a hand blender.

Sparkling gold solution

  • 25g Golden glitter solution
  • 10g Alcohol 70°
  1. Mix both ingredients and store in an airtight bottle.