Hanging Garden dessert

Hanging Garden dessert

lngredients: Alpaco 66%

Procedures: 5

An original École Valrhona recipe

chocolate cream

  1. Bring the whipping cream and the milk to the boil. Slowly combine the boiling mixture with the melted couverture. Use a spatula to stir the center of the mixture in a circular motion to obtain a shiny, elastic texture. Once the liquid has been completely incorporated, add the xanthan gum and store the mixture in the refrigerator.
  2. Pastry Chef’s Tip: If you bring the beverage to a simmering boil after you have mixed it but before you add the xanthan gum, it will take on a lovely creamy texture.

vegan jelly

  • 25g Vegetable gelatin
  • 420g Mineral water
  • 80g Caster sugar
  1. Mix together the caster sugar and vegetable gelatin. Combine with the water. Bring to the boil. Use.

Orange & Pollen Sauce

  • 30g pollen
  • 10g pectin NH
  • 460g Fresh orange juice
  1. Mix all the ingredients together, cold, using an immersion blender. Bring to the boil. Mold. Freeze.

Flax Flour Shortcrust Pastry

  • 240g Flax flour
  • 240g Corn starch
  • 240g Dry butter
  • 180g Confectioner's sugar
  • 100g Eggs
  • 60g Almond flour
  • 4g Fine salt
  1. Mix together the flax flour, starch, dry butter, confectioner’s sugar, almond flour and fine salt. Once the mixture has a fine, crumbly texture, add in the eggs. Mix until you obtain a homogeneous dough, then roll out between two baking sheets to a thickness of 2mm.

Honey Jelly

  • 390g Water
  • 5g Agar-agar
  • 10g Caster sugar
  • 4g Gelatin sheets 200 Bloom
  • 130g Wildflower honey
  1. "Mix the sugar and agar-agar together. Soften the gelatin in a large quantity of cold water, then drain. Heat up the water and honey. Whisk in the sugar and agar-agar mixture, bring it to the boil again, then add the gelatin. Pour the mixture into a container to a depth of 2cm, and store in the refrigerator."

Assembly and finishing

Make the honey jelly, then cut into 7cm disks.Make the pollen and orange sauce. Pour into 1.5cm and 2.5cm half-sphere molds. Freeze. Once the half-spheres have frozen, coat them in vegan jelly.Prepare the flax flour shortcrust pastry and cut it into 13cm disks, then use a 10cm-diameter cutter to pierce their centers. Make a few smaller disks too. Bake at 300°F (150°C) until you obtain an attractive golden color. Gently brush the shortcrust shapes with maple syrup. Put them back in the oven to give them a very glossy finish.Make thin “twigs” of mixed chocolate. Brush them with cocoa powder.Fill a pastry cone with wildflower honey.Place a disk of honey jelly in a dish. Put a 2.5cm sphere of pollen and orange sauce in its center. Position the shortcrust ring on the rim of the dish, sticking it down gently around the edges using the honey. Decorate the ring with a chocolate twig, the smaller shortcrust disks, some edible flowers (cornflowers, dianthus, borage, white and violet alyssum, thyme and verbena), and the 1.5cm spheres of pollen and orange sauce. Heat up the chocolate cream and pour it into a sauce jug.