France Tain l'Hermitage On 7/11/22

Obviously, if you want your chocolate ganache to be perfect; kissing trees on a waning moon night is a must.
From space tourism to tiny treehouses, from yoga to urbanites leaving their day to day job to go live the #vanlife...
From the new era of food focused guest houses to natural wines, biodynamic wines and cosmoculture... “Nature deficit disorder” (a term coined by Richard Louv, best-seller author of Last Child in the Woods) is going strong. Us earthlings seem to have a need to reconnect to something larger, greater, celestial, spatial... in short cosmic.
At Tain, we are diving into this celestial creativity, by working with pastry chefs, cooks and nature focused artisans (cheese makers, winemakers, farmers...). The people who are trying to write a different, mouth watering, story of life.

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