United Arab Emirates Dubaï On 11/6/22

Never has Levantine and Middle-eastern cooking thrived so much. Good news, it’s now turn for their pastries to reinvent themselves. Tender is the pistachio night.
There has been a new wind blowing on the food scene for a few years now.
This wind comes from the East. Great East of the Balkans, the Caucasus, India, Tel Aviv and Bucharest, the banks of the Nile and the Tigris.
This wind is so powerful that a few chefs, such as Ottolenghi, Reem Kassis and Samin Nosrat, are literally writing the new classics of World cuisine.
And this interest and taste in Middle-Eastern food is not only focused on the savory, it is now turning its attention to sweet pastries. With new interpretations, new mixes of cultures, more refinement, more creativity, but also more colors, fun and an attention to healthy delights, this new sweet scene is changing the norms.
And if one place symbolizes this Levantine and Middle-eastern renewal, it’s Dubai, naturally.

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